Wood or composite decking

When you have decided to lay decking there are two types that you should consider. The purpose of this blog is to advise you on the pros and cons of each option.

Wood decking.
The first major benefit of wood decking over composite is cost. Even a cheap composite deck will work out considerably more expensive than most wood decks unless you choose a very expensive wood.

You may also find the fixing of the boards considerably easier as most wood decks are fixed with screws from above. For ease of completing this task we would recommend the purchase of either a single or double pack of the decking tool. This will ensure easy and quick fixing with the screws being correctly positioned and the boards being equally spaced. If you are fixing composite boards, you may need to buy more expensive tools of fixings to ensure that these do not show on the boards. If however you are happy to have the screws visible then the decking tool can be used for any of the standard board sizes as shown on the Decking Tool website www.deckingtool.com.

Finally wooden decking is more sustainable as it is made from wood which is a natural material instead of a plastic covering that is on most composite boards.

Composite decking.
The major benefit to composite decking is that this is generally more durable and long lasting. Most composite decking is treated with some form of plastic which whilst not being as environmentally friendly will last much longer without maintenance.

The other key advantage of composite decking is that there are many different styles and colours available which means that you can perfectly match and decorating theme you may have settled on for your garden.

The final advantage to composite decking over wood is that there is little if any maintenance. With wood decks you will have to reapply the stain or oil on a yearly basis but with composite decking this should just require a power wash once a year at the start of summer.

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