Where to build your decking

There are several things you should consider when locating your new deck. Firstly, the what are you trying to achieve from you deck. Is this an area which is an extension of your house and primarily for entertaining people or is it a tranquil area where you would like to relax away from the stresses of your day.

If it is the former, you position the deck directly adjacent to the house so you can access this area from you house. If you have bifold doors it may be possible to put the decking at the same level as the house so that you can move from one area to the other seamlessly.

If you are looking for some tranquillity within your garden it often works better if you have an area further down the garden with some shrubs or plants around it to give a level of privacy. If you opt for this do think about how you will get to your deck throughout the year and ensure you have some sort of walkway to it.

You may also need to think about whether you need to have access to electricity or water there and ensure that you can safely run these services to the deck. Please ensure that you comply with any building regulations and if in doubt consult with a professional.

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