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Ideas for you deck

By TheDeckingTool / July 16, 2023

If your deck is going to be a place where you can relax, then some rattan sofas or chairs are ideal for this. You may also want some table and chairs if you are planning on some alfresco dinning during the summer. Decking always looks nicer with some mood lighting. This can typically be achieved…

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Where to build your decking

By TheDeckingTool / July 9, 2023

There are several things you should consider when locating your new deck. Firstly, the what are you trying to achieve from you deck. Is this an area which is an extension of your house and primarily for entertaining people or is it a tranquil area where you would like to relax away from the stresses…

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Wood or composite decking

By TheDeckingTool / July 2, 2023

When you have decided to lay decking there are two types that you should consider. The purpose of this blog is to advise you on the pros and cons of each option. Wood decking. The first major benefit of wood decking over composite is cost. Even a cheap composite deck will work out considerably more…

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How to repair decking

By TheDeckingTool / June 26, 2023

If during your annual inspection you find that you have a problem the first thing to do is identify the issue and rectify it. Below are some situations that you may encounter. An area of your deck has sunk. This can be for a variety of reasons but the most likely is to be a…

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How to maintain the deck

By TheDeckingTool / June 19, 2023

You will notice of the winter months you will almost certainly get a build-up of algae and moss. This can make the decking slippery during those months. Before you start to enjoy your deck the following year, we would recommend some maintenance. Ideally this can be done in the spring before the arrival of the…

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How to finish the deck

By TheDeckingTool / June 12, 2023

The next step is to prepare the deck for staining. Ideally this should involve removing any rough edges or burrs with fine sandpaper. If you want a really impressive deck with no screw showing, then you can of course ensure that the screws are countersunk when fixing the decking and apply some wood filler. We…

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Laying the decking boards

By TheDeckingTool / June 5, 2023

We suggest starting at a straight edge and fixing the first board in the correct place. You may have to cut the board to size and a chop saw is ideal for this however you can use a hand saw if you don’t have access to a chop saw. Once you have the first board…

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How to prepare the base for Decking

By TheDeckingTool / May 29, 2023

You’ve decided that you want a deck and you know what type of deck you are going to build. Our next blog tells you how to decide on the structure to lay the base. Our instructions are based on best practice, giving you a solid and durable base. Tools you will need: Spade Pick Axe…

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Is decking a good idea? What other options are there?

By TheDeckingTool / May 22, 2023

It’s coming round to the time of the year when you may be thinking about getting your garden ready for the summer. Maybe you have moved house recently and you are looking for ideas on what to do in the garden. We thought we would start our series of blogs with the first thing you…

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