How to maintain the deck

You will notice of the winter months you will almost certainly get a build-up of algae and moss. This can make the decking slippery during those months. Before you start to enjoy your deck the following year, we would recommend some maintenance. Ideally this can be done in the spring before the arrival of the nice summer weather.

Before doing anything, you should inspect the deck to ensure that you have no areas which have been damaged. This could be an area that may have sunk or some wood that is damaged and needs replacing. Hopefully this should not be a problem in the early years if you have followed our previous instructions. Assuming everything is OK you are ready to begin the maintenance regime.

To remove all algae, moss or dead leaves that may be on your decking we would recommend that you start your maintenance plan with a jet wash all over. This can also help remove any splinters or loose burrs that may have developed over the winter.

Once you have given the deck a thorough clean, we recommend lightly rubbing any raised or damaged areas with fine sandpaper. At this point it is sensible to brush the sawdust off and give the whole deck a gentle rinse with water.

Once dry you can repeat your treatment in the way described in Part 4, How to finish your deck.

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