The Ultimate Decking Spacer

When you are building a deck it may be tempting to cut corners.
There are plenty of decking spacer tools available online.
Some may even be cheaper than TheDECKINGTOOL but do you really want to be using your knee to hold a board in place whilst you mark and fix it when TheDECKINGTOOL does it all in one easy process?
Not only does our decking spacer clamp the board in the correct place, it will always ensure equal spacing between the boards. It even gives you markings to indicate where the joist sits below and thus, where to fix the screws so you have a neat line.

The Versatile Decking Spacer Tool


Perfect deck spacing and alignment every time.


The only tool that does it all. Spacing, clamping and fixing.


No chance of getting the spacing, alignment and level wrong.

TheEasyToUse Decking Spacer Tool

Don’t waste your money on cheaper alternative decking spacer tools that rely on you holding the boards in place whilst you try to fix them.
TheDeckingTool clamps boards in the right place and clearly shows where to fix them to the joists below.

Watch our video to see how easy it is!


Whether you are an accomplished DIYer or are just about to undertake your first project, TheDECKINGTOOL can make the job simple.

Covering most standard wood and composite board sizes in the UK, you can be sure of a perfect finish every time.


Make easy work of any decking project with TheDECKINGTOOL.


Get professional results with our decking spacer. TheDECKINGTOOL

“Wow! TheDeckingTool was an absolute dream to use. It made laying the decking so much easier. Gone are the days of wedging a screwdriver between the boards and holding them in place with your knee. This simple tool takes the guess work out of laying decking ensuring it looks great time and time again.”

Carl M, Southampton