TheEasyToUse Decking Tool

The DECKING TOOL can make light of even the biggest projects. Whether you're planning a decking project at home or you build decking for a living this is the tool made specifically for you.

No more worries about equal spacing between boards or marking out where the screws are fixed. TheDECKINGTOOL takes care of these in one easy to use tool, setting the gap between the boards at 7mm.

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One tool can cover 120, 125, 144/5 and 150mm boards.


Screws perfectly placed every time.
No measuring needed.


Can be used to fix decking adjacent to walls.


We know The Decking Tool makes laying a new deck easier. We also know it will save you time and money whilst giving you a perfect finish with no more screws out of line. But don’t take our word for it, watch our video to find out for yourself.


Whether you are an accomplished DIYer or just about to undertake your first project The DECKING TOOL can make the job simple.

Covering most standard wood and composite board sizes in the UK, you can be sure of a perfect finish every time.


Complete projects professionally and quickly with our new DECKING TOOL.


Don't miss out on the most talked about tool this year. TheDECKINGTOOL is available to order.

“Wow! TheDeckingTool was an absolute dream to use. It made laying the decking so much easier. Gone are the days of wedging a screwdriver between the boards and holding them in place with your knee. This simple tool takes the guess work out of laying decking ensuring it looks great time and time again.”

Carl M, Southampton